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Whether it’s making a connection between your company and a customer, or facilitating communication between employees, connectivity is the key to managing information as well as relationships. Technology Support helps businesses plan and install the most efficient and useful infrastructure to meet their specific needs. Our capabilities include optimization, routing and switching, wireless/mobility components, client computers, servers, security and storage/data management. Most importantly, we fully support what we build or recommend.

With certified experts in IBM, Microsoft, Cisco, Citrix and AltiGen technologies, Technology Support’s networking specialists are available to assist in every facet of the process. From the choice to install or expand a Local Area Network (LAN) to establishing remote networks, your needs will always be handled professionally and efficiently.

Combined with a customized services program, Technology Support offers network administration, management and support. Our network and IT experts are available to troubleshoot, undertake modification, or expand any environment by customizing a plan to meet your needs and budget. Leaving you to focus on your business, not IT design, maintenance and repair.